5 Types Of Jobs Where People May Get Hurt Badly

There are some jobs that simply require you to put your life on the line for the good of others. Chances of getting hurt on the job are usually high, meaning that you always have work with extreme care. Having a good insurance coverage is also important when you know that your job is dangerous.

The following are five types of jobs where people may get hurt badly.

1. Construction

One of the most dangerous ways to make a living is working at a construction site. A large number of people that work at construction sites usually suffer from on the job injuries as well as job-related illnesses. The most common kinds of injuries that construction workers sustain are back injuries. Falls from ladders, roofs, and scaffolding are among the major causes of these injuries. Failure to use the required protective equipment also leads to injuries at construction sites.

2. Fishing

Fishermen usually have to deal with some of the most dangerous as well as unpredictable weather patterns to earn a living. They do so while on a ship that is out of reach of help in most cases. If something goes wrong with the ship or the tools that they have to use to do their job, they are so far from getting help, literally. They have to toil around the ocean which is a very dangerous place.

3. Logging

Loggers usually work with giant falling objects that may be unpredictable occasionally regardless of what they do every day. Sometimes, they might get hit by trees. This job also involves the regular use of gas-powered chainsaws among other sharp tools that may cause the loggers to get hurt badly. And since most of the logging sites are very far from the nearest emergency site, it is one of the occupations that you do not want to get hurt on the job.

4. Power Line Installation

Power line installers are required to climb to the top of the power lines and start fixing stuff over there. It is not just the dangerous heights that make this job dangerous, but also the electricity in the power lines. Mistakes involving electrical systems can happen and put the life of the power line installers in great danger when they are doing their work.

5. Truck Driving

Truck drivers usually spend a lot of time on the road day after day without nearly getting enough sleep. Some of them get fatigued while behind the wheel, something that puts them at a greater risk of getting involved in accidents. The double and triple trailer trucks that they drive may also create difficult-to-stop death traps when they accidentally start going too fast.

These are just a handful of jobs that represent the most dangerous ways to earn a living. People that practice them have an above average potential to get hurt on the job. But when proper safety measures are put in place, the danger that these jobs involve can be reduced tremendously. In most cases, the accidents or deaths usually happen due to carelessness or negligence.